To your happiness and finacial security

Hello! I'm Kaushik Paul, the father of a loving daughter, husband of a beautiful wife and an engineer turned entrepreneur, consultant and writer.

On a mission to help 100000 families live a financial secure, stress-free life.

I believe that adding value to other’s lives adds positive changes in your own life. What goes around comes around.

As a person working in the field of insurance and investments myself, I wanted to explore the possibilities of me writing a book on my experiences and the lessons I learnt, so that many more could get benefited, like me, if they wish to.

It was a tough task to connect those words of financial wisdom from my mentors and my own experiences and arrange them into chapters. But I had already made the decision and it was time to take action...

The Book is a Reality Now... "8 Money Secrets of a Happy Family: …"

Finally, I could sum it up in 8 chapters with key steps that you can start working on right away and make that change happen, without getting stuck into those complications around.

The book talks about practical and clear-cut directions to manage & protect your money for creating the wealth & the financial security you & your family deserve.

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The examples illustrated in this book are very practical and easy to understand...”

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